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Kohler Residential Generators

Generators and Components
A KOHLER® residential backup generator system produces power within seconds when main utility power is interrupted. Your quiet-running generator system consists of these primary components:

1. KOHLER Residential Generator
Permanently installed outside your home, the emergency generator is fueled by natural gas or propane. It supplies on-site electrical power within seconds after a utility power interruption or outage.

  • Permanently installed outdoors for safe operation.
  • Driven by a fuel-efficient, industrial-grade engine that is directly connected to the generator; no belts or pulleys to slip or break.
  • Powered by clean-burning environmentally friendly engines that meet worldwide emissions regulations.
  • Includes a voltage regulator with overvoltage protection and monitoring devices for the engine, such as automatic start/stop, safety shutdowns (low oil, high temperature, overspeed, overcrank) and an hourmeter.
  • Protected within a sleek, sound-deadened enclosure that is resistant to corrosion and tampering.

2. KOHLER Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
When utility power is interrupted, the ATS signals the generator to start and then quickly transfers the electrical loads from the failed utility to the generator. When utility power is restored, the ATS transfers the electrical loads back to the utility and shuts down the generator.

  • Exercises the generator weekly to assure reliable operation.
  • Commercial-grade transfer switch and solid-state circuitry ensure long life and safe operation.
  • UL listed and CSA certified.

3. Battery and Charger (ATS)
Similar to an automobile engine, a KOHLER generator system requires a starting battery. The Battery Tenderâ„¢ automatic charger keeps the battery charged, assuring that the generator system will start and function when needed.