Ed Green Electric


Ed Green Electric was started in 1975 by accident. Ed Green turned over a power company line truck. electrical contractorHe had worked for AEP (American Electric Power) as a lineman for fifteen years and at the time of the accident had advanced to line crew specialist. No one was hurt and the truck wasn't badly damaged. Even though his job may not have been in jeopardy, it got him to think about his own future. He started to help folks with their electric projects on evenings and weekends. People liked his down to earth attitude. The fifteen years experience with AEP fully prepared him to solve customer electrical problems. This side business quickly grew into a full time job. Ed and his son and a small crew have served the needs of electric customers around the state of Ohio for over thirty years. electrical contractorEd's son, Matt has continued in his father's footsteps and has added a college engineering degree into the mix. Needless to say this company is growing rapidly and we would love the opportunity to prove how our history has prepared us for your project.

Oh, it should probably be mentioned that Ed hasn't turned over any more trucks.