Ed Green Electric


Dale Campbell , president of Seneca Steel Erectors in Logan, Ohio is an industrialist and owns a wide diversity of successSeneca Steel Erectorsful businesses. He has come to depend on Ed Green Electric for everything from his new "smart home" to his industrial buildings and even partners with Ed Green Electric for some of his own business clients. Regarding the industrial capabilities, Mr. Campbell states, "We took them with us up to one of our large clients in Akron and they wired up all the material handling conveyers. They put in all the controls. Matt Green (Ed Green's son) also holds a position as vice president of an engineering firm near Toledo that does huge engineering projects for some large oil companies. Anyway, I have learned I can trust his work. He ran a 480 - 3 phase in here (factory in Logan) for me . . . they’ve done all my wiring here in this building. As far as Ed Green Electric, they've done a real good job for me." Commenting on the in home multimedia center they just installed in his new "smart home" he said, "It feels like you're in a movie theater." Mr. Campbell's testimony about Ed Green Electric's work is important because it touches on all three areas - residential, industrial and commercial.